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Stopping a Partner’s Bad Behavior. Each time a partner behaves poorly.

Stopping a Partner’s Bad Behavior. Each time a partner behaves poorly.

it is hard to learn how to respond. Should you overlook the behavior? Punish them? Scream and yell? Often, absolutely absolutely nothing generally seems to work.

Psychology possesses solutions that are helpful the situation however. In reality, we come across these methods playing away, for negative and positive, in every day life. We also see fixing and managing a fan gone right…or wrong…on reality television.

Today, nevertheless, I’m going to talk about to you just how to respectfully influence a partner’s behavior that is bad. For example, we shall consider the truth tv program Jersey Shore – specifically Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s away from control behavior along with her boyfriend Jionni’s tries to handle it. Where did they’re going incorrect? How do you are doing it appropriate? Read on…

A Jersey Shore Recap

The Jersey Shore is an MTV reality series following the exploits of a group of New Jersey 20-somethings for those not following the show. The team likes to dancing, party, play pranks, not to mention beverage while making relationship that is bad. The group is currently tearing up the clubs and streets of Italy at the time of writing this article.

The last two episodes have actually dedicated to the relationship between Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and her now boyfriend that is long-distance. Jionni traveled to Italy to consult with Snooki, simply to be met with her embarrassing behavior. Really, regarding the nights their arrival, the group went out up to a club. Snooki, hot and horny for Jionni after their separation that is extended dancing suggestively. At one point, she lifted her skirt – blinking the entire club. This behavior had been embarrassing to Jionni and, away from pride, he decided to keep the club. Fundamentally, he additionally left Italy.

At first glance, Jionni’s behavior may bit seem a extreme. Nonetheless, Snooki has a brief history of behavior that is “disrespectful” rather than right for their severe, monogamous relationship. She flashes her personal components in public routinely. She gets sloppy drunk and makes away with roommates. Perhaps, she’s got also cheated. Jionni’s efforts to encourage more behavior that is respectful didn’t this aspect.

Therefore, what exactly is some body expected to do for the reason that situation? Should they keep? As long as they simply “put up with it”? Maybe perhaps perhaps Not if they can influence better…

Motivating Better Behavior

Individuals behave with techniques which were rewarded into the past. Consequently, to improve a behavior that is bad you have to do a few things:

1) never reward the behavior you wish to “go away” (called Extinction). Whenever one is doing one thing we don’t like, it’s important to ignore them. Don’t provide them with the eye or outcomes these are typically searching for. Just ignoring them will stop the behavior, because there is going to be no inspiration to keep it.

2) Reward an alternate behavior that you want to see instead of the bad behavior (called good Reinforcement). You’ll want to provide your spouse a alternate way of getting what they need, that is additionally more good for you personally. You can’t just expect them to “do nothing”. There will be something which they want. Inform them an easier way to have it.

Let’s view both of these points into the instance of Snooki. Just just What “reward” ended up being she in search of? Plainly, it had been intimate attention from her boyfriend. In past times, she’s been “rewarded” with sexual attention whenever she behaved suggestively and flashed other dudes. Therefore, she figured the behavior would get her exactly what she desired once again. Except, it didn’t with Jionni.

Jionni began well, in reaction, by walking away. He would not reward or look closely at the behavior (starting Extinction). This caused frustration and concern regarding the section of Snooki, whom went after him. Such behavior is typical of somebody who may have perhaps perhaps perhaps not received the reward that is desired their behavior. They wonder “what’s wrong”? Remaining firm and never inadvertently reinforcing bad behavior is type in this task. Temper tantrums and insults will also be behavior that is disrespectful be ignored.

Unfortuitously, Jionni stopped here. He simply stepped away. He would not provide Snooki another good behavior recommendation. He failed to find the win-win – a behavior that made them both delighted. preferably, he must have recommended one other way on her to obtain their attention that is sexual that maybe perhaps not embarrassing for him. Possibly, he might have led her from the party flooring and informed her he would prefer to cuddle into the part. Then, Jionni might have held their pride – and Snooki might have had her “nookie”.

Jionni’s Error: Why Punishment Does Not Work

As opposed to my recommendation above, Jionni decided to keep the whole nation and deprive Snooki of all of the love. He additionally argued, scolded, and shamed her for her behavior. Basically, his “extinction” turned into “punishment”.

Punishment, but, doesn’t work. First, it generally does not match the initial desire the person’s behavior ended up being supposed to fulfill. It just temporarily prevents them from behaving. 2nd, it causes intense negative emotions that the patient is inspired to eradicate (by any means). Finally, it fundamentally “wears down” together with individual dates back to doing the bad behavior – although, they could simply get it done in key.

So what does punishment seem like the truth is (well truth television anyway)? When you look at the full instance of Snooki, she had been socially and sexually frustrated whenever Jionni left. She additionally initially felt bad about her behavior. Nevertheless, with extended “punishment” from Jionni, her mood started initially to alter. She ( along with her roommates) begun to blame Jionni for her negative feelings, in purchase to create Snooki “feel better” at all feasible. They improperly justified her behavior to simply help her prevent the frustration. Snooki additionally took some slack from talking to Jionni (after professing her love over over repeatedly before), because he had been “making her feel bad”. Finally, Snooki discovered a real means to have the intercourse that she desired too. She cheated on Jionni together with her roomie Vinny.

The ethical regarding the tale: you’ll “change” behavior to a preferred alternative, you cannot “punish” it away. When you punish alone, particularly for an extended period without alternative options, you merely drive your lover away. It won’t stop behavior that is bad. It will just cause them to hate both you and slip around to obtain their needs came across behind the back.


Bad times and “Jersey Shore Snooki” are handled. You don’t have actually to go out of, or set up along with it either. You merely have to disregard the behavior that is bad provide them with an alternative solution that is much better. Suggest to them a more way that is positive get the attention, love, praise, and reward. Reinforce the behaviors that are good you are doing like (for lots more, see right here and right right here). Into the end, you’re going to be respected and they’ll be rewarded. Everyone else shall be pleased. a real relationship win-win.

I just wish the Jersey Shore people figure it away too!

Please keep me personally your ideas. Share, like, tweet, and comment below.

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