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  • Students from 1st, 2nd, & 3rd  year  of architecture & Design Conducted a comprehensive exercise for the documentation of French architecture ranks high among France’s many accomplishments. Indications of the special importance of architecture in France were the founding of the Academy of Architecture in 1671, the first such institution anywhere in Europe, and the establishment in 1720 of the Prix de Rome in architecture, a competition of national interest, funded by the state, and an honor intensely pursued. If the first period of France’s preeminent achievement was the Gothic, and the second, the eighteenth century, the longer tradition of French architecture has always been an esteemed one.architecture that displays a range of influences and styles from different places and periods.
  • Further the study have also focused on the understanding of Traditional architecture all, sloping, hipped roof lines featuring barrel-tile roofs, tall rectangular windows, and a natural stone facade denote the exterior of French Country architecture. The windows of the first and second floors align in perfect symmetry and feature either rounded eyebrow arches or wood shutters.
  • The 3 day documentation exercise culminated into various layers of understanding a religious Indian town from an architectural perspective. The students of architecture underwent a rigorous assignment which had widened their visions of architecture and place with an entirely different cultural identity.

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