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The Institute (GNUI-CHAS)

CHAS (Center for Health and Applied Sciences)

GNUI-CHAS has started as eminent Centre for encouraging innovative approach in education and research in the areas of Food and Applied Sciences in the year of 2018. The center is dedicated to providing an environment in which freedom of thought and exploration can flourish, where students can explore and harness their strengths and personal talents, interests and ways of working to the highest potential.

The center is committed to provide the highest quality learning environment to its students by using advance teaching methodology, seminars, journal clubs for latest trend in food technology, industrial exposure and training.

Highly trained and qualified team of professionals, with its associated industry experts. After completion of the course, their hand on experience, knowledge, industrial training and exposure during the degree support them to face the challenges of food industry.

GUNI-CHAS offers well-structured comprehensive B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Food Technology) course curriculum that combines the knowledge of food processing, engineering, packaging, food safety and regulation, food chemistry, food microbiology and health nutrition with quality control and management. The course also developed the scientific and technical approach of students to understand about the nature of raw material to developed new products with high nutrition value as per the demand of market. This programmed perceiving the present need and future requirements of trained manpower in the Food industry.The importance of food technology lies in the fact that it has the capability to provide food to our population through scientific conversations, eliminating available losses and making available more balanced and nutritious food.

Centre for Health and Applied Sciences also execute excellent work in the area of public health and nutrition to cater to the health and nutrition industry with diligent and skilled manpower and relevant research developments.

Centre for Health and Applied Sciences also offers another master degree programme that is M.Sc. Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Analysis), M.Sc. (Analytical chemistry) and P.G. Diploma. The aim of this programme is to cater the need of pharmaceuticals industries in the field of analytical sciences.

CHAS also focuses on inculcating the ethical and moral values in students. Students are motivated to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activity for the personal development.

The centre is flourishing with extensive guidance from academics and industry experts. Professors with broad teaching and research experience together with industry experience are incessantly improving the skills and knowledge of the students.

Highlights of course

  • Gain experience in practical application of knowledge and skills, gaining experience through various visits to the food industry and organizations.
  • Ability to apply critical thinking, problem solving skills, and use strategic decision making tools.
  • Ability to use critical and strategic thinking in analyzing, synthesizing and assessing various products, research publications that address current topics and issues of food products.
  • A carefully designed curriculum with input from top academic and professional bodies.
  • Regular schedule of interactive sessions, workshops, seminars, paper presentations and quizzes.
  • Continuous evaluation of our students and constructive feedback from students
  • A continuous, needs-based organization of remedial sessions involving students and faculty.


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