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Charlie Business Vietnam. This is actually the Quartermaster’s description that is official of found in Vietnam

Charlie Business Vietnam. This is actually the Quartermaster’s description that is official of found in Vietnam

first Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division

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Who could ever just forget about C-Rations? Well, my buddies, allow me to recharge your memory and inform you all you need to know but have actually forgotten about those wonderful dishes.

Here is the official Quartermaster’s description of C-Rations found in Vietnam

“The food, eliminate, Individual, is made for issue while the tactical situation dictates, in a choice of individual devices as being a dinner or perhaps in multiples of three as a ration that is complete. Its faculties stress energy, freedom of good use, and much more selection of meals components that have been within the Ration, overcome, specific (C-Ration) which it replaces. Twelve menus that are different included in the specification.

Each menu contains: one meat that is canned; one canned fresh fresh fruit, bread or dessert product; one B device; an accessory packet kik Dating containing cigarettes, matches, nicotine gum, wc paper, coffee, cream, sugar, and salt; and a spoon. Four can openers are offered in each full situation of 12 dishes. Even though meat product may be consumed cool, it really is more palatable whenever heated.

Each complete dinner contains about 1200 calories. The ration that is daily of dishes provides about 3600 calories.”

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okay, given that your memory is refreshed, do you keep in mind the way you prepared your C-Rations. Well, with A kitchen STOVE you made, right? It had been reported within the media that each and every soldier in Vietnam possessed a hot meal each time. If i recall precisely, we utilized warming pills inside our kitchen stove to warm a might of whatever (no ham and lima beans for me) – well i suppose that qualifies as a hot meal. Would you remember your recipes that are special? Those recipes that are wonderful you constructed so the C’s were more palatable.

My personal favorite recipe would be to obtain a will of bread through the B-3 unit and a will of cheese from a B-2 product; available both cans but do not just simply simply take from the lid; spot both cans in a clear B device field; light the container on fire until it burns off entirely; take away the bread and start it; pour the melted cheese on the bread and voila a toasted cheese sandwich. Ahh, comfort food in the center of the jungle.

But wait there is certainly more…

In 1966 throughout the Vietnam war Brig. Gen. Walter S. McIlhenny son for the second company president of McIlhenny business from their experiences with C-Rations being a soldier during WWII arrived up utilizing the concept to send soldiers copies regarding the Charlie Ration Cookbook filled with dishes for spicing up C-rations with Tabasco Pepper Sauce wrapped around two-ounce containers of Tabasco Pepper Sauce along side a handful of a P-38 type can openers all in a waterproof canister. It absolutely was illustrated by Fred Rhoads.

What about viewing a c-ration cookbook that is real.

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66 thoughts on “ C-Rations ”

Now i am aware why we destroyed 40 pounds. in Nam and exactly why we don’t like good fresh good fresh fruit cocktail for this time.In the final section of my “tour”, it absolutely was pecan roll and coffee. Did you observe how costly these are typically on Ebay? Doc Shyab

Provide me pears or peaches any time.

For certain peaches had been like silver I happened to be mostly of the dudes who didn’t for almost anything like them and could trade them. Offer me pears or apricots any moment.

We cannot inform you exactly just just how delighted i will be to own came across your post! I’ve heard so many tales of my father’s youth in Vietnam; How he’d rush away to the roadside and beg US soldiers for their B-Unit treats, or exactly just how he, together with his brothers and cousins, would rummage through the backwoods in hopes of finding c-ration meals, but I became never ever quite in a position to visualize things he described within my head.

These easy treats brought a great deal joy to my father; It offers sparked a lifelong love in him for them also even today (the canned peanut butter and fruitcake become precise). I wish to expand a giant MANY THANKS for you, and each solitary veteran for your honor, your valor, as well as sharing just just exactly what little you’d with my dad and our house. These specific things have gone a deep impression he recalls to those memories fondly, despite the trying period his country was facing during that time on him, and.

I became hoping you can assist me recognize a specific bit of gear that soldiers used to cook/reheat their dishes through the Vietnam War. My dad said it was a meals container, manufactured from stainless, where in actuality the lid doubles as being a frying pan of the kind, additionally the band handle could expand as a handle for the pan (i really hope that made sense..). The container itself had 2 compartments. My father understands exactly what it is called in Vietnamese, but does not have any clue just exactly what it really is in English. Might you, or other people have a good idea? Any leads will be significantly valued!

Many thanks once again!

Chrissy the army mess kit additionally is sold with a army fork, blade and spoon

Dear Chrissy, you’re explaining a mess that is military, nonetheless they are not utilized by most GI’s in Viet Nam.

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